Trodel sideboard


This commode, as the name itself says( `trodel` is a three parts in Serbian), consists of three wooden cubes of equal size. Each of the wooden cubes is connected along the edges by a traditional antique “zinc” link that provides statically strong connection and visually emphasizes the beauty of the wood and the handmade mastery of the carpenters who makes it. What is characteristic for this piece and separates it from most others in the form similar to it, is that two of the three lateral cubes “float”, that is, they are hung on the middle cube so that when you look at the front of the commode, in spite of the fact that it is made of solid wood, it radiates with ease and flutter. Its elegant and thin legs are separated by a layer of air beneath its body, touching it only on the inner sides of the corpse to their half-height, emphasizing its three-piece dimensionality and enhancing the overall impression of its translucency.
Besides the low commode, there is also a high Arhipel commode in more sizes and shapes of a “designer” manuscript similar to the model in the picture.






w 180, l 35, h 53 cm
w 210, l 35, h 53 cm

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