Polygone sideboard


The name of this sideboard comes from the shape of the door, which is in the form of some polygonal forms assembled into harmonious and unique whole. Additional emphasis on dynamics is given by the small alternately oriented grooves (fluting) on the doors. The polygon sideboard is intended to be mounted on the wall, but at the customer’s request it can also be made as a free-standing sideboard with legs. The body of the sideboard is made of solid wood, while the door fillings are made of profiled mdf (medium density fibreboard) painted according to the RAL card at the customer’s request. Part of the door opens sideways and part downwards. A nice detail is the hand-made leather suspenders that limit the movement of the door which, due to its geometry, opens downwards.






w180 , l35 , h 40 cm


solid wood- sideboard’s body
doors made of profiled MDF painted with polyurethane paint

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