Polo sideboard


This commode is made in combination with a stand and legs of solid wood and its body is made of MDF. The outer part is completely upholstered with the finest, ultra soft and thin natural leather that by decorative stitches along its edges and on the top panel emphasizes its nobility and aristocratic appearance. Since “polo” is as a sport synonym for luxury, aristocracy, gentleness and nice manners, where many of its props are made from leather of high finishing process, hence the name of this commode. Its interior, which is painted in a turquoise color as the opponent to leather colour, by which it is covered from the outside, additionally emphasizes its “luxurious sports spirit”. A thin layer of sponge beneath the leather gives it additional charm and softness when touched and emphasizes the touch of the wheel of an expensive retro sports car.






w 180, l 40, h 47 cm
w 200, l 40, h 47 cm

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