This lamp has an extremely sculptural character. It is very luxurious both with its appearance and with a light reflection that is a bit fascinating. The features responsible for such characteristics are polygonal “Hornas”, which are “aligned” to its central pylon, which rises up from the sculpturally shaped wooden base. “Hornas” are usually hand-made with the same technique used for making Murano lamps and Murano glass through which the light rays pass and give the magnificent luminosity. Since there are no two identical pieces of Murano glass, there are no two lamps that create the same patterns on the walls and ceiling of the room they illuminate. Murano glass also exists in a wide variety of colors so that the heat or color of light that the Horna lamp produces depends directly on the choice of glass. The lamp is made of Murano glass as a premium version, but also in the standard version of Tiffany glass, which is a little commercial version, but it does not fall behind the famous Murano.
The lamp is delivered with a classic floor switch and two-meter cable. Optionally, the floor dimmer as well as a longer power cable are ordered if necessary. The lamp is intended for power supply of 220V.






230 V, 50 Hz

Light source

Philips E27 R63 Led head mirror reflector 4w, 2700k
lamp energy is A ++
voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz

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