Analog sideboard


Its overall “retro look” is responsible for its name. This commode with simple lines gets its dynamics with a characteristic “window” that resembles the analog screen of the retro device placed so spatially on the front of the commode that it occupies its 4/5, ideally flat matte black and cool, it makes the contrast with the frame of full oak wood, softly embossed brushed and bleached. The body of the commode is also made of full embossed oak brushed and done in acrylic that does not clog the pores of the wood and emphasizes the beauty of the tree rings and the nature of the material. This chest can be visually “dressed” in different ways. Different colors, a window covered into a leather or fabric, a window made of grated steel knit…
Besides the low commode, there is also a large one in a number of sizes and shapes of iconography similar to the model in the picture.
This commode has a total modern, minimal character and is ideal for fitting both in the design of purified residential rooms and in designed business facilities and public buildings. The absolute selection of wood for this piece is a slightly brushed oak.






w 150, l 35, h 53 cm

2D icons