Concrete commode/night stand


Concrete commode/ night stands exists in two sizes , combined with natural concrete and wood.
Interesting thing about this piece is a successfully materialized idea of “mobile concrete” within a piece of furniture. Previously designed pieces of furniture that contain natural concrete as a constructive element are largely designed to be “static”. The idea of moving concrete elements, which by its nature gives the impression of weight and immovability, is innovative.
Here it is possible to combine not only gentle wood types as ash, which give ideal contrast to natural concrete, but also very proud-spirited type of walnut, which in combination with natural concrete increases its strong character.
Also, natural concrete can have finishing process in a variety of ways, as can be seen on the example of this concrete commode. Besides various types of finishing process of casting concrete, the same can be printed.






w 40, l 35, h 46 cm
w 60 l 35, h 100 cm

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