Mista bed


Triangular elements are responsible for this bed that has an extremely dynamic and strong character. They are arranged in its headboard in such a way to give the impression of glass crystals that jump from hard ground.
A very characteristic feature of this bed are the “floating bedside tables” that additionally emphasize the playfulness of the whole design.
Characteristic radial legs are also designed in accordance with the overall character. The bed is also made in several sizes and depending on its width, the headboard consists of a different number of triangles dynamically positioned in it. Depending on the choice of the height of the mattress, it is possible to choose the height of the headboard by choosing a different height of the lower bearing board, so that the “triangles”, as the aesthetic elements of the bed, are always completely visible. Our recommendation is that, if there is enough room in the sleeping block, always choose the option of beds with bedside tables (which are optional) because with them this bed gets its full appearance.






without commode w169 l 207 h 82cm
without commode w189 l 207 h 82cm
with commode w 266 l 207 h 82cm
with commode w286 l 207 h 82cm


41 x 39 cm


97 kg

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