Neretva bed


The inspiration for the design of this bed was the canyon of the river. The basic characteristic of the canyon are the carved rocks, so the author tried to show this effect on the headboard of this bed, intercepting it with sharp geometric lines that flow to the middle.
With different thicknesses of “panels” that make the total surface of the headboard, mutually intercepted with carved lines, he tried to additionally express the spatiality and character of the canyon. By sharp and determined cuts on the bed legs he additionally expressed the character that the canyon exudes.
This bed can be ordered in different sizes as well, even in double bed variation, although the model from the picture is shown as a single bed in a dimension 90x200cm.






w95 l 207 h 76cm
w169 l 207 h 76 cm
w189 l207 h 76cm

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