Double line


In order to offer the market a pendant of modern design, but which differs by the choice of materials from the most standard pendants, made mostly from hi-tech materials, the Dvoika Double line has been created. It got its name after two discrete lines created by cutting the body of a lamp made of wood. The light sources in this lamp are LED tapes 3000k, which depending on the purpose of the lamp can be stronger (if it is used as a lamp above the worktop) or weaker (if used as a decorative lamp above the dining table). The direction of the lamp illumination is two-sided, that is, the lamp illuminates under the stronger and above the weaker while the luminous lines on the side of the lamp are only decorative. The led strips are covered with opalescent glass of 3mm on both sides of the lamp and the glass has the possibility of removing so that it can be cleaned and it is possible to get inside the interior of the lamp itself, and used-up parts can be replaced after long-term use.
The lamp is hanging at a height of 2 meters long steel cables. The power cable is threaded-intertwined and can be in different colors. The ceiling rosettes are also made of wood. It is built in two lengths. The lamp is intended for power supply of 220V.






w 128, l 8, h 12 cm
w 140, l 8, h 12 cm

Light source

Led tapes 3000k
lamp energy is A ++


230 V, 50 Hz

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