Talas bed


Harmoniously emphasized headboard wooden elements of the wavy look are credited for the name of the bed Wave. (`talas` is a wave in Serbian)
The impression that is obtained by looking at the bed from the front side, a similar association to the Waves is created by looking at it from the side, since the elements of the backrest are bending from the top to the pillow as when the wave is “braking”. An additional impression of the movement and “rolling” of the Waves give the fluting buried at the bottom of each wooden headboard element that gives the impression that the wave is ‘boiling’. This bed is made in several sizes with the possibility of choosing the integrated bedside tables that follow the design of the bed.
In combination with bedside tables and with the Scene bench in front or next to the bed, it makes a harmonious and complete whole.






without commode w169 l 207 h 94cm
without commode w189 l 207 h 94cm
with commode w 255 l 207 h94cm
with commode w275 l 207 h94cm


39 x 41 cm

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