This lamp is made as a pendant lamp, a floor lamp and a wall lamp. It got its name because of its wooden body that resembles hands in the position of a Prayer. From its body on one and the other side, rhythmically and asymmetrically in an odd number, freely in the space, “exit” bulbs of specific shape that are associated with the flame. This lamp has a sculptural character that produces the shape of the lamp body in combination with this specific light bulbs.
The bulbs are “old school”, but the light source in them is actually LED technology 3000k heat so energetically they are A ++
The electricity cord is also retro-like, threaded-intertwined and can be in different colors.
The lamp has a hanging system on its back, made of laser-cut steel that follows the shape of the body of the lamp. It is made in one size. The lamp is intended for power supply of 220V.
There is a model that comes with or without cable if it is connected to the power directly below the lamp.





Light source

7 x Led Edison bulb T185 3w
dimmable led lights
lamp energy is A ++


230 V, 50 Hz


w 40, l 10, h 100 cm


3 kg

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