Polyline Hi-Fi high board


This rack is a part of the entire Polyline collection, as called the HI-FI, it can easily be concluded that it is intended for a “stand” for analogue-digital sound and image carriers. It can be equally used as a shelf for CDs, LPs, books…
It is constructed in combination of solid wood ‘frame’ and perforated profiled steel of 3 to 5mm thickness, depending on the size of the commode, seamed in the wooden construction. Perforated steel, which is bent in various ways, makes the statical, aesthetical and functional element of this rack. Due to its perforation, and the setting on the “side” of the wooden frame, the rack contributes to the excellent performance of “ventilation”, which is a very important element for the rack used as a HI-FI rack.
It is possible to select the wood type as well as the color of the steel of each individual piece, so that the customer can personalize the appearance of his piece depending on the color of his HI-FI devices. We believe that the combination of European walnut and anthracite gray steel is a winning combination that fits most of the audio fiscal systems.






w 100, l 38, h 80 cm
w 120, l 38, h 100 cm
w 120, l 38, h 120 cm

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