Enzo chaise lounge


Author inspiration for this piece of furniture is the fusion of the design of the Nordic sleds and retro sports cars. With extremely sculptural character this piece exudes the impression of power, speed and aerodynamics. Characteristically emphasized lateral “kidney-like suspenders”, a sharp front “beak” bent to the ground, an ellipsoidal grid “joint” that connects lateral frames, a rear “tail” in the form of aero spoiler, a seat inspired by sporty design, similar to a sports car seat, as well as the harsh skis that link the front and rear “drive unit” give the impression to this piece that it will “disappear” every second. Hence the name of this sporty piece after one of the biggest designers of sports cars Enzo F. Although it is believed that this sculptural piece requires an extremely large space to be displayed monumentally, it is possible to place it in spaces of “normal” size, in combination with a sofa and armchair, instead of a classic corner set.






w 216, l 84, h 78 cm

Seat height

28 kg


32,7 kg

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