Most chaise lounge


First look at this deck clearly assigns an association to the construction of a high bridge. Hence the name of this piece, Bridge. ( `most` is a bridge in Serbian).
As each bridge is distinguished by elegance, slenderness and strength, this Bridge is distinguished by similar characteristics, along with the one that the real one does not own, and that is exceptional comfort.
It originates from a “cloudy” cushion, which clearly follows the contour of the Bridge construction by intercepting it, and consists of several layers of memory foam and a highly elastic HR sponge.
The beautiful and dynamic elements of the construction of this deck which are noticeable by looking at it from the front or back, are rectangular carriers that connect lateral frames that, with their different sizes and harmonic series, give some kind of melody to the design itself. Although it is believed that this sculptural piece requires an extremely large space to be displayed monumentally, it is possible to place it in spaces of “normal” size, in combination with a sofa and armchair, instead of a classic corner set.






w 80, l 200, h 73 cm

Seat height

35 cm

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