Insket chaise lounge


Another one in a series of sculptural organ-like pieces of furniture. With its radial “skeleton” design, a combination of sharp lines and “pumped muscles” of the body, that is, pillows, this deckchair gives the impression of a large INSECT ready to move.
Although at first glance it gives a somewhat aggressive look, more detailed examination of its long continuous side lines, which stretch one from the backrest through the middle “stomach” to the leg place, and the other that gets into the front leg from the rear leg through the “stomach”, gives the impression of expressive elegance and some strange calmness.
A high degree of finishing process both the woodwork and the upholstered part of the finest leather, gives a general impression of high luxury. Although it is believed that this sculptural piece requires an extremely large space to be displayed monumentally, it is possible to place it in spaces of “normal” size, in combination with a sofa and an armchair, instead of a classic corner set.






w 200, l 78, h 73 cm

Seat height

40 cm


28.1 kg

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