Stealth bistro table


The shape of a rounded triangle is a basic element that flows through all the pieces of this collection as well as through this bistro/club table.
The name “stealth” comes from the very sharp, emphasized lines of surfaces separation that make parts of the table.
Additional dynamics or the effect of “invisibility” is given by the side profile of the table, which viewed from the end to its center, conically narrows into peak and gets a thickness of 12 cm in the lower middle side of the top. Triangular legs, also conically positioned, increase the dynamic of this unusual table. Because of this look of the top and the characteristic position of its legs, looking at it from the side, it gives the impression of an UFO object. With this table, Stealth chairs that have the same “manuscript” in terms of sharpness and “invisibility” suit ideally.
European walnut perfectly fits to this table. The wood finishing process includes natural oils and






w 100, l 87, h 73 cm


18.3 kg

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