LayAir 01 Collection

Defined with simple, accurate forms, the pieces of this collection emphasize all the beauty of the solid wood.
Rich legs make a recognizable ornament characteristic of all the products from this collection. The collection consists of two types of armchairs with easily removable upholstery for warm / cold climate, foot rest stool, coffee table and bar stool. European walnut and oak are the types of wood that most suit the furniture pieces of this collection. By choosing the most varied materials for upholstery: leather, variegated wool or boucle in strong colors, as well as painting the elements of this collection with acrylic colors in combed oak, that do not clog the pores and preserves the nature of the tree, the most diverse number of completely visual and characteristic pieces of furniture can be achieved.

The collection consists of:

Layair 01 high armchair
Layair 01 low armchair
Layair footrest
Layair coffee table
Layair stool