LayAir 01 Low Armchair


Defined with simple, accurate forms, this armchair emphasizes all the beauty of the solid wood.
Its rich legs make a recognizable ornament characteristic of all the products from this collection including this chair. Unlike the Layair 02 armchair where the seatback itself is a backrest which gives it a different sharply broken look due to the existence of a lumbar pillow and exudes a more robust character, this, Layair 01 has the join/the passage which is half-oval and gentle and gives a general, far more subtle and focused impression.
Upholstery, made of the combination of HR sponge and fabrics of choice, is easy to assemble / disassemble by pulling or pulling through the slits in the wooden part of the seat or backrest as well as “locking” them by pulling the wooden roller from the back and the bottom side of the armchair. Upholstery can be ordered two-faced with the choice of inner filling, color and type of warm / cold climate material, and by simply rotating the upholstery, the armchair gets a different appearance as well as functionality in terms of thermal characteristics of the upholstery. The armchair comes with one-face upholstery and can be optionally ordered and combined for summer / winter.


Zoran Jedrejcic




w 60, l 86, h 73 cm

Seat size

60 x 50 cm

Seat height

36 cm



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