Sila Armchair

The armchair with emphasized three-dimensional forms of the characteristic spherical seat and backrest made of a fiberglass substructure that is coated with layers of HR sponge, upholstered from the outside in the finest thin leather with decorative stitches, and on the inside into variegated boucle made of natural material. The overall impression created by this armchair is a rich and lavish look that is further enhanced by the 3d modeled “muscular” armrests of solid wood that flow into the front leg, as well as the distinctive organic appearance of the radially placed rear legs also made of solid wood.
Its exceptional comfort, besides the spherical shape of the “shell”, is fulfilled by two rich seat and backrests pillows made of a thick layer of memory foam and koflin which, besides the ergonomic and aesthetic element, make this unusual armchair unique. Its ratio of the proportional advantage of the width to the depth, as well as its low height, further emphasize its luxury of the overall shape.

Sila Armchair
designer: U`gre
launched: 2019.
packaging: five layer cardboard box
1 piece/packing