Minas Armchair


The basic characteristic of this armchair is the “oval” shape of the armchair composed of two semi-oval hemispheres, separated from each other, which generally resemble a coffee bean-Minas.
The “coffee bean” of the armchair is made of fiberglass substructure upholstered with high resilient sponge and fabric.
It is possible that the front or rear sides of the “coffee bean” are upholstered in a variety of materials and colors. The legs made from solid wood, which have the shape of the Nordic sleighs and harmoniously fit in with the upper part, give the additional grace to the armchair. An adjustable head cushion that can be moved up or down by unwinding a decorative wooden bolt located in the rear part of the armchair, gives a tasteful aesthetic detail.
The armchair is characterized by exceptional ergonomics which comes from its spherical shape that gives the impression of “embrace” while sitting in it.






w 77, l 96, h 95 cm


21.7 kg

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