This floor lamp, as its name suggests, due to its distinct slenderness as well as the visual ornamentation that is made up by the rhythmic row of cavities in which the lamps are edged by  carat-cut wooden elements, bears the name Totem. Its stand is also extremely spaciously polygonal and in accordance with its light pillar-Totem, makes a unique sculptural unity. It fits nicely with furniture of sharper lines such as Crocodile, Lasta, Stealth, Negative, Insekt, and Analog. Bulbs of a specific shape associate with the flame of the ‘old school’ candle look, but the light source in them is actually a dimmable LED heat technology of 3000k so that the lamp energy is A ++The electricity cord is also retro-looking, threaded-intertwined and can be in different colors.The lamp is delivered with a classic floor switch and two-meter cable. Optionally, the floor dimmer as well as a longer power cable are ordered if necessary. The lamp is intended for power supply of 220V.






230 V, 50 Hz

Light source

5 x Led Edison bulb T 85 3 w
dimmable led lights
lamp energy is A ++


w 23, l 43, h 161 cm


7 kg

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