Tara Bathroom furniture


This collection was created as a need and addition to the complete program for furnishing the interior, which basically consists of a washbasin cabinet, a freestanding highboard and a mirror.
Since it is a bathroom furniture, we do not use the classic wood treatments that we use to make our other furniture, but heat-treated ash resistant to moisture and water, to the extent that it is even used to make sinks and bathtubs.
We make each of the individual elements in different dimensions, depending on the needs of our clients. As the top plate of the washbasin cabinets, we use the highest quality natural marble or granite marble, which is easier to maintain than natural.






Washbasin cabinet w 100cm, l 55 h73
Highboard w 40 l 35 h 220cm
Tara mirror w 60 l12 H 120cm

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