Ksilofon outdoor bench



This console bench was created as the first in a series of products that our company plans to offer in the outdoor furniture program. It is named after the characteristic style of elements that make up the seating area and resemble the Xylophone instrument in its appearance. This bench intended primarily for outdoor use (terrace seating, park seating…) can be used for office buildings hallways, shopping malls… It is possible to choose the colour of steel as well as the length of the bench.
It is also possible to “cut” the seat or insert marble or wooden panels that have the functions of small tables within the bench. This bench can be in the form of a console bench, but it can also be made as a free-standing bench.






w120,180,240,300 cm , l 55cm , h 15 cm

Frame Construction

profiled steel, plasticized

Seat part

profiled elements made of heat-treated ash

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