Polyline coffee table No1


This coffee table is made from the combination of solid wood and perforated and profiled steel, 3 mm thick, seamed in the wooden construction. The steel that bends in different ways makes statical, esthetical and functional element of each individual piece of this collection and of this table as well. The name of the Polyline collection comes from playfulness of the line forms of the steel on side edges. This asymmetric table has a vertically placed wooden panel that features a unique single leg on one side, while the support on the other side consists of two wedge-shaped wooden legs inserted in the steel rails that come out of the perforated polygonal steel. This table has a strong modern character, sharp edges and lines and can be combined with various types of sofas and armchairs. It is possible to choose the type of wood as well as the color of the steel on each individual piece, so that the customers can personalize the appearance of their piece. We consider that the combination of European walnut and anthracite of gray painted steel, as in the picture, is one of the harmonious combinations for this piece of furniture.






l 100, w 47 , h 39 cm


19.6 kg


Steel and Solid wood

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