Lipa coffee table


All the elements of this collection are characterized by exceptional lightness, transparency and tenderness. Hence the name of the collection by the type of the tree linden-Lipa, which is exceptionally soft and gentle wood. Lipa coffee table also consists of thin and gentle elements of the construction with embedded glass panel on the top, edged with two sides lengthwise, modified by the profiled elements that follow the shape of the armrest of the Lipa armchair, slightly bowed wooden elements upwards that give the impression of gentle wings. A lattice rack composed of a series of thin elements that are carat-cut as diamonds this time is used as the “bottom plate” of this coffee table, suitable for keeping the magazines and other accessories.
Characteristically nice element is the lower, this time the “double elbow” that forms the element of the connection, joining dynamically emphasized wedge-like legs. Although it has a specific look and character, this table can be combined with different types of sofas and armchairs. European walnut or painted oak is the recommended wood type. The wood finishing process includes natural oils and waxes.






l 117,w 58, h 43 cm


15.4 kg


Solid wood

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