Pero dining table


A dining table made of solid wood, a massive construction with emphasized radially side apron rails that fit in a hexagonal leg with diagonally mounted cotters. This table depicts wood as a material in its own luxury, and at the same time emphasizes the skills of carpentry. Extremely stable and robust, it is suitable for different sizes and the longer it is, more graceful and beautiful it becomes. It is also intended for the installation of a comfort extendable mechanism with a butterfly patent so that it can be easily transformed from a standard size table into an extended dining table. All kinds of wood suit it well. In combination with Labor chairs on one, or Scene bench on the other hand, it makes an interesting spacious whole. The finished process of wood includes natural oils and waxes.






w 180, l 90, h 75 cm ,težina
w 200, l 100, h 75 cm, težina
w 220, l 100, h 75 cm, težina
w 240, l 100, h 75 cm, težina

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