Crocodil desk


The name of the collection comes from characteristical composition that consists of the front legs and the armrest on the armchair that resembles the crocodile jaws. The crocodile detail appeared this time on the desk by placing its conical slender legs in the reverse position of the letter V. Extremely sharp, broken lines dominate both the legs and desk top, which, viewed from the side profile, where the legs are fixed, from the center to its ends, becomes trapezoidally thinner forming also the expanded V profile and creating the impression of the wings of an invisible “stealth” aircraft. Considering the characteristic position of its legs, the panel is free at the angles, thin, and creates the impression of floating. The design of this desk is modern and with its sharp and strong character, it is intended for a more specific space with an emphasized personal touch.
The desk can stand alone or can be ordered with secretary desk with three drawers, which in a designer way follows the line of this desk and as an independent piece of furniture can be moved below or next to the desk.
It is made in two sizes. European walnut is our recommendation for choosing the type of wood. The wood finishing process includes natural oils and waxes.






w 80, l 160, h 75 cm – 36.5 kg
w 90, l 180, h 75 cm

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