Crocodile Collection

The Crocodile collection consists of two armchairs, a coffee table in two sizes as well as a dining table or a desk. The name of the collection comes from characteristical composition (it resembles the crocodile jaws) that consists of the front legs and the armrest. Extremely sharp, broken lines dominate both the wooden construction and the upholstered back and seat, additionally emphasizing the sharpness of the piece itself. The armchair is made in two versions (face and mirror), which is achieved by switching left and right wooden frame on the armchair. The armchair is accompanied by the coffee table where the crocodile detail appeared this time with the characteristic position of the leg in the form of a large letter V.

The collection consists of:

Crocodile 01 armchair
Crocodile 02 armchair
Crocodile coffee table
Crocodile desk table
Crocodile dinning table