Triangle Bar Stool

As with the same type armchair, here also is the dominant binary lattice structure that forms the triangles, that is, the ‘Triangle’.
This bar chair features outstanding sculpturality in the space due to its complex wooden construction and the leather seat with the belts hanging on it. This kind of seat ensures maximum comfort, because it adapts to each user individually, and with this lumbar seat, which has the possibility of rotation, this bar stool is distinguished by outstanding ergonomics. A delicate detail that is an option in choice is made by a leather bag, which is mobile and attached to the chair via leather belts and serves as a storage for newspapers, phones, glasses…

Triangle BarStool
designer: U`gre
launched: 2016.
dimension: w 50, l 49, h 89 cm
seat size: 42 x 36 cm
seat height: 75 cm
weight: 5.7 kg
packaging: five layer cardboard box
1 piece/packing