Stealth chair


The shape of a rounded triangle is a basic element that flows through all the pieces of this collection.
The name “stealth” comes from the design of these chairs with the dominant sloping surfaces and very sharp and emphasized lines of surfaces separation that make seating and backrests parts on the chair. Additional dynamics or the effect of “invisibility” is given by the three surfaces of each triangle set at an angle of 120 degrees, as well as their mildly angled position to the centre. Conically positioned triangular legs, on all elements, also increase the dynamic of each element of this collection.
Apart from the effect of invisibility, this collection is also characterized by the impression of extraordinary lightness and fragility of all elements.
To increase the static of a solid wood chair weighing about 5 kilograms, steel substructure is built-in the legs and the seating part which gives it extraordinary strength and toughness. European walnut perfectly fits this collection.






w 47, l 45, h 88 cm

Seat size

47 x 44 cm

Seat height

46 cm


5 kg

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