Tisa Collections

The elements of this collection have an extremely sculptural form of an insect like character.
The line made by the front leg, the armrest and the back leg in the "ready to jump" position, due to the
characteristic "bent knee" associates with the leg of the grasshopper. This element is dominant both on the
armchair and the two-seater sofa as well as on the coffee table which gives the illusion of being stopped in
Backrest holder provides additional sculpturality and unlike most classic armchairs in which the backrest
continues from the back leg, here in the form of a pylon, it begins from the middle of the frame of the
seating part and makes the characteristic spherical shape around the backrest that is formed in the lower
part in such a way to make additional accents of the characteristic back leg ready to jump.
The third element that makes the beauty of this piece is a three-dimensional armrest that starts from the
knees of the back leg, wraps around the middle pylon and ends with a curve for the fingers that embrace its

The collection consists of:

  • Tisa armchair
  • Tisa two-seater sofa
  • Tisa coffee table short
  • Tisa coffee table long