Lipa collections

All the elements of this collection are characterized by exceptional lightness and tenderness. Hence the
name of the collection by the type of the tree linden-Lipa, which is exceptionally soft and gentle wood. The
characteristic of this collection is the three-dimensional armrest bent at the elbow section, which is modeled
in such a way that it accepts the hand in its entirety and creates a sense of complete relaxation.
All the elements of the collection have emphasized sculpturality in space and are equally interesting being observed from any angle.
Besides the dominant armrest, a characteristic fine element is the "lower elbow" which forms the element of
the connection of the front and dynamically accented back leg and supports the seat part of the armchair or sofa.
Looking at them from behind, you encounter another structural aesthetic element. A latticed backrest
holder, composed of a series of thin elements that are carat-cut as diamonds and represent the opponents
of a spherically modeled three-dimensional armrest. The elements of the collection are low in space, do not
cover the rest of the ambience and additionally increase the impression of the height of the room in which
they are placed.

The collection consists of:

  • Lipa armchair
  • Lipa two-seater sofa
  • Lipa three-seater sofa
  • Lipa coffee table