Lasta collections

Inspired by the characteristic V position and the shape of the armrest which consists of two parts separated
by the joint edge, which associates with the swallow’s tail, this collection was named Lasta (‘lasta’ is a swallow in Serbian).
Since swallow is characterized by a characteristic intense flight full of sharp and sudden turns, this armchair
or sofa is distinguished by prominent sharpness and dynamics with extremely sharp and long lines that give
the necessary briskness to the side frame of the armchair or two-seater. Additional dynamic is achieved by
the polygonal seat, which, with its sharp lines also has pointed lines along the edges formed by the leather
welting. The seat as well as the backrest are in such an ergonomic position – strongly turned backwards so
that they give to the armchair and sofa exceptional comfort and a pleasant feeling of the body’s musculature

The collection consists of:

  • Lasta  armchair
  • Lasta two-seater sofa