Tisa coffee table small

Like other elements of this collection, Tisa coffee table has an extremely sculptural form of an insect like character.
Because of the asymmetrically positioned elbow-like legs and the two table tops separated from one another and slid to different directions, it gives the illusion of being stopped in motion.
Besides the interesting shape of the legs and the split top, the delicate detail also makes the three-dimensional lower crossbar of the leg, visible from the side, but also visible through the “split” of the upper plates.
Although it possesses the specific look and a character, it can be combined with different types of sofas and armchairs. It is made in two sizes, a shorter and a longer type. The recommended wood type is the European walnut. The wood finishing process includes natural oils and waxes.

Tisa Coffee Table
designer: U`gre
launched: 2017.
dimension:l 100, w50, h 39 cm
weight: 6.4kg
packaging: five layer cardboard box
1 piece/packing