Coffe table collection

designed: Ranko Bocina

Table is designed to be manufactured from solid wood of middle and high hardness, such as oak, walnut, elm or similar exotic species, especially teak. Names MARU and MINIMARU define production in two sizes, where the main dining table has a rectangular dimensions of 220 x 90 x 72cm, while other is proportionally half size manufactured as a club table of dimensions 110 x 45 x 36cm. The tabletop is 25 mm thick and is made of two pieces calibrated in the same dimensions and jointed longitudinally with the cogged joint. The shorter side of the plate is reduced to a thickness of 8mm by wedge processing, with the idea that from that perspective solid plate looks sharply and elegantly. To avoid deformation of the plate and its stabilization, it is also detached wedge-processed lower plate, which is imperceptible due to reduced thinned edges. The table legs which are attached to the bottom side are the L elements of square section 80 x 80mm and get the form of a right triangle by removing excess material, which facilitates the overall aesthetic and weight, and does not endanger the structural stability.