Lamp Collection

Designer: Aleksandar Ugresic

The shape of the lamp is inspired by the look of audiophile sound systems, and hence is the name of the lamp HORN. “The membranes” of the Horn are made of finest Tiffany glass, which is hand-made and jointed with tin. In the combination with expressive types of wood, such as walnut or dark elm, with well integrated lines, lamp acquires sculptural appearance. The source of the light is reflector bulb 60 W, whose hemispherical shading at the top enhances appearance of the HIFI speakers and in the same time directed the light to the Tiffany glass, which makes an extremely attractive shine and a shadow. The lamp has a total of 300W, which illumination can be dosed with dimmer. The lamp is equally interesting at very low brightness as well as with its maximum power.

Width 40cm, Length 30cm, Height 140cm