L collection

Dining table
dinning jelena ugresic

Like the chair, the table in this collection is the combination of steel and wood.Steel is used as supporting element, which emphasizes its construction properties. When finished, it can keep its natural look or be painted with colour which follows the atmosphere of corresponding interior. As constrast to steel, the table top is made of wood, thus giving worm tactile visual impression. Table are made in two sizes, for four and two persons. Difference between large and small table is in the shape of its legs, as well as side grooves between wood top and legs. Large table in combination with one L chair can be used as work table with simplified, sophisticated look. Type of wood suitable for this collection is: walnut and dark elm. Wood finishing techniques imply application of natural oils and wax. The buyer has the option of choosing a type of wood as well as metal finishing (ie painted, burnished, patina – copper finish).

Width 80cm Length 70cm Height 75cm