Clover Collection

Bar Table

Like bar stool, the bar table design has a calm and simplified shape, which makes balance with playful form of the bar stool. Some dynamics is achieved on the sides of the table, which were cut-through in the lower third and as decorational element, steel slab inserted, fixed with robust machine nuts, which intensify the industry-like appearance of the table, as applied on stools. With its somewhat non-standard dimension, it can be used as mini-bar in version made for living space. As it has a characteristical prolonged rectangle shape, one side can be leaned against the wall and used with two bar stools. It can also be placed in public space in-line, one after other (in a hotel lobby, café bar …) Type of wood suitable for this collection is: walnut and dark elm. Wood finishing techniques imply application of natural oils and wax. The buyer has the option of choosing a type of wood as well as metal finishing (ie painted, burnished, patina – copper finish).

Width 125cm Length 42cm Height 100cm